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Huntingdon School Board says yes to primary school’s addition

GIFT – Vicki Williams, who did not run again for the Huntingdon School Board after serving 12 years, is handed a gift from Director of Schools Jonathan Kee.
SWEARING IN – Huntingdon Special School District Director of Schools Dr. Jonathan Kee (left) swears in Kennedy White as a new school board member.



At the Aug. 18 meeting of the Huntingdon Special School District School Board, members voted to add five additional classrooms and an additional area to the cafeteria at the primary school. Board member Vicki Williams made the motion with  Morgan Butler seconding it with a unanimous vote by the remainder of the board.

The classrooms will be on the lower level facing the street on the south side. The added cafeteria will be in a separate room attached to the current cafeteria which will be remodeled with the current kitchen.

Jim Atkins, construction manager for Lashlee Rich, discussed the project with the board.

The project is expected to cost $4 million, according to Director of Schools Dr. Jonathan Kee.

“There is currently $2.5 million allocated through Federal Funding for the project.”

The remainder of the cost will be financed, according to Kee.

Prior to the vote, Kee told board members the project needs to go forward.

During the meeting new board member, Kennedy White, was sworn in by Kee. White won the seat on the school board being vacated by Vicki Williams who chose not to run. She had been a member for 12 years from 2010-2022.Kee presented her with a gift and expressed thanks to her for her service. 

So far the enrollment count is 1,284 as compared to 1,271 last year. However, Kee says generally by the second week in August all new students have registered.

Travel reimbursement was raised due to the high costs of gas. It will now be paid at a rate of 62.5 cents per mile.It was raised from 58.5 cents per mile.

The middle school playground’s completion date is targeted for Oct. 14.

Huntingdon School System will particpate in U-Trust  Employee Appreciation Program. In September bus drivers will be honored. Every month a person or group will be featured.

A couple of educational assistants were hired. Anna Mitchell will assist at the middle school and Renee Allen will be at the primary school.

The consent agenda that passed included:

• SAVE ACT Compliance Packet.

• Differentiated Pay Plan

• Extended Contract Program.

• ESSER 2.0 Funding Application.

• Acknowledgement  of new employee  Education Assistant Haley Longmire at the middle school.

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