Huntingdon School Board likely to add soccer

The Huntingdon Special School District Board of Education heard from some parents and a teacher who are interested in organizing soccer teams for middle and high school students. at the Thursday night meeting.

Parent Cameron Morey said students need more sports opportunities.

“There are so many students who would play soccer,” he said. “The foundation is there for next year in high school. Soccer would not be in competition with other sports.”

Organizing the sport should start now, or the game won’t be ready to play next year, advised Morey, who is a U.S. certified soccer coach.He has coached a Booters cco-ed travel team  and  an AYSO team.

Girls would play in the fall and boys would play in the spring.

Board member Tim Tucker said he had two concerns, funding and coaches.

High School teacher Lindsey Barnett said that $5,000 in donations were received last year that were raised by Jimmy Crossest, who was at the meeting. Goals were purchased with a portion of the funds.

Director of School Pat Dillahunty said to start the teams would not be a big expense. Referee expense would be $1,200 for eight games.

“We never had a parent willing to come forward with a budget,” said Tucker. “You have to be careful what you put on the backs of businesses of the community because of COVID.”

Barnett said 63 high school students returned surveys and 44 of the students said they would have no conflicts. In middle school 11 boys and 14 girls said they would not have a conflict.

Board chairman Lee Carter said the board would consult with high school principal Jonathan Kee and middle school principal Scott Carter about organizing teams.

“We’ll see what can be done in order to get going by fall of next year,” said Lee Carter. “I think it could happen.”  

The search for a director of schools was discussed with Carter passing out information on the job description and qualifications for the job and the application procedure.

Candidates must have a professional educator’s license, a master’s degree in education with a preference for a doctorate degree, three years of successful experience in school administration and such other qualifications as the board deems desirable.

Candidates wishing to be considered should turn in their applications by Jan. 12. The new director of schools would be selected in February or the first of March and assume the duties of the office on July 1, 2021.

“The board and the public will want to interview the candidates,” said Carter.

Two board policies were passed.

The Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy is new. According to Dillahunty, it has been created to align with updated Title 1X regulations. The Tennessee school Board Association recommends adopting this new policy to ensure that complaints of sexual harassment are dealt with in compliance with the new complex regulations.

The new Title 1X regulations include several components that must be part of the grievance process for any 1X sexual harassment complaint. As these differ significantly from what is found in policy 6.304, this additional policy is recommended to reflect these issues.

The Student Concerns and Complaints Policy was recommended to be amended with new wording by the Tennessee School Board Association. It is more condensed and focused on responding to general student complaints, rather than creating a formal grievance process.

Board members were advised of the Legislative Conference that is to be held on Feb. 15.

The consent agenda was passed that included budget amendments, the minutes from the Oct. 16 meeting and the balance sheets.

The next board meeting will be Jan. 12 at 5 p.m. The location has not been decided upon.

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