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Huntingdon School Board adopts Summer Instructional  Programs Policy

Huntingdon Special School District Board members passed a new board policy on Summer Instructional Programs in a Feb. 17 meeting.

The board policy prioritized students who may attend.

Director of Schools Dr. Jonathan Kee  said the school district is not requiring students to attend at this time, leaving it up to students.

Prioritized for attendance are: students who have scored below proficient in math or ELA on the student’s most recent TCAP, in K-second grade, students who attend schools with fewer than 50 percent of third – fifth grade students proficient in math or ELA on the most recent TCAP, has scored below proficient in math or ELA on a state-adopted benchmark assessment or screener, Tennessee universal math or reading screener and/or is eligible for TANF funding (Homeless, Migrant, Runaway, and Foster Care).

Kee said he was getting information about the program  out to parents.

Kee and board chairman Lee Carter attended a TSBA Legislative and Legal Institute on Feb. 14 and 15.This session is where education officials gain insight on how the General Assembly operates and receives updates on pending legislation and discusses legal issues impacting school districts.

Carter said adequate funding for school districts was a topic of discussion.

BEP funding was passed in the 90’s, but is no longer adequate funding.

“School districts now need adequate funding,” he said.

Kee mentioned that over 250 bills have been filed that affect education.

“A lot of the bills affect teacher shortages and adequate funding,” he said.

He said there is a need for students’ soft skills to be addressed such as dependability, honesty, and drug test passage more so than academics.

There is an emphasis on reading.

“Student should be reading on level when get to the third grade,” said Carter, who noted that only half of students are.

Kee announced that state Senator John Stevens will be at the March 17 meeting to discuss education legislation.

High School SCOPE sponsor Robbie Miller  and two students, Wyatt Forbess and Paridhi Patel attended the meeting so students could observe a school board meeting. They will be attending a SCOPE Conference soon.

Items passed in the consent agenda included: The resignations of primary school educational assistant Tonya Allman and middle school educational assistant Mallory Laman were acknowledged as was the hiring of primary school educational assistant Charla Govan.

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