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Huntingdon School Board

High School volleyball is newest sport

Huntingdon High School will add another sport to its athletic offerings.

Members of the Huntingdon Special School District Board of Education voted unanimously at the early morning 7 o’clock meeting to add girl’s volley ball.

High School principal Dr. Jonathan Kee presented facts about startup costs and a budget amount to maintain the sport.

“The startup costs would be $7,000 with a recurring costs of $4,000 annually,” he said. “The good news there is a lot of interest. I think it can be pulled off.”

Funds would be raised through gate proceeds, fundraising and concessions.

Transportation could be a problem because of so many sports and the travel to other schools.

“The big thing, I don’t want to approve one sport and not another,” said Kee. The school board approved soccer a few months ago.

The volleyball team would be in District 12 with Humboldt, Madison Academic, Middleton and Scotts Hill.

Some other schools that have volleyball teams are Camden, Gibson County, Trenton Peabody, Union City, West Carroll and Martin Westview.

“I think it is a great opportunity for our kids,” said board member Tim Tucker.

Certified and non certified staff members will be given nice bonuses that were approved by school board members. Certified staff members will receive $750 and non certified staff members will be given $500. They were passed out Friday.

This is the second round of similar amount bonuses the school district has given.

High School boy’s basketball coach Porsche McClerking was acknowledged as the new high school principal. See additional story.

This was also Joint Venture Day. Each year school board members visit the three schools, and listen to the needs at each school as told by the principals. In the afternoon, the board members discuss the need and set a priority list of updates for the schools and for future projects. See story and photos on Joint Venture on Page 12A.

Other business at the meeting included:

• Approved the procurement plan for the Child Nutrition Program.

• Acknowledged the resignation of Brenda Hayes from the high school cafeteria staff.

• Informed by Director of Schools Pat Dillahunty there were no audit findings by the state comptroller’s office on the district level. There were a few on the school level that included the collection of money not being sent to the office on time and the segregation of duties because of the lack of staff members.

• Awarded the school district’s mowing bid to Josh White Lawn Service of Huntingdon for an annual fee of $1,095. H & S Lawn Service of  Huntingdon bid an annual fee of $1,600.

• Agreed to continue membership and online policy maintenance with the Tenn. School Board Association for $3,204.

• Agreed to support UTrust candidate Jasper Taylor and Tenn. Risk Management candidate P.A Pratt.

• Set the next board meeting for April 15 at 5 p.m. at the Central Office.

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