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Huntingdon Police Reports

Animal Cruelty

Amanda Seymore, 44, of Huntingdon, was charged with animal cruelty because she left her male pit-bull under the care of her brother while she was incarcerated. The dog bit Seymore’s brother while he was trying to feed and water it. Her brother then sought out help from the city of Huntingdon’s animal control officer. The dog was very hostile towards animal control and city officers when they attempted to retrieve the dog. Walton reported it was unclear whether the dog had been without food and water for days. Other residents said they haven’t seen anyone check on the dog in over ten days.

DUI, Driving on Revoked

Joseph Womack, 32, of West Helena, Arkansas, was pulled over by officer Parham for swerving on the road. Upon making contact, Parham was able to smell alcohol on Womack and he had slowed speech and glazed eyes. Womack stated that he was a 7 out of 10 on his level of drunkenness and refused to take any sobriety tests. After a computer check with dispatch it was confirmed that Womack’s license had been suspended in Arkansas for DUI charges in March 2021.


Michael Unger, 45, of Hohenwald, committed the crime of theft of property/conduct involving merchandise by concealing 26 packs of baseball cards worth $168.73 in his clothing pockets and leaving Walmart without paying for them. This incident was recorded by Walmart’s security cameras, and witnessed by loss prevention officer, Joe Lowe. Michael was found with unopened baseball card packages in his driver’s pant pocket and a large plastic grocery bag filled with unopened baseball card packages in the vehicle after Parham pulled his vehicle over on HWY 22N. He was cited for theft of property and conduct involving merchandise.

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