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Huntingdon Police Reports

License Violation

•Brittany Dawn Layhew, 37, of Huntingdon was cited for driving on a suspended license during a May 25 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

Officer Zachery Barker reported that he pulled over a red Saturn driven by Layhew on Buena Vista Road due to an expired tag. A computer check showed that Layhew’s license was suspended.

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Multiple Charges

•Leundra J. Robinson, 38, of Trenton was arrested on drug paraphernalia and firearm charges and cited for a driver’s license violation during a May 5 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

Investigator Joseph Hedge reported that he pulled over a vehicle driven by Robinson on Murray Lane due to a seatbelt violation. When asked for his driver’s license, Robinson said he didn’t have one, and a computer check showed that his license was revoked with three prior offenses. Robinson gave consent for his vehicle to be searched, and during that search, officers found several plastic baggies, three sets of digital scales with drug residue on them, and a fully loaded Ruger 44-magnum handgun. Hedge noted that Robinson is a convicted felon and not allowed to possess a firearm.

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Warrant, License Violation

•Courtney Josephine Guggisberg, 33, of Huntingdon was cited for driving on a suspended license and Vincent Chapple (age and address not provided) was arrested on an outstanding warrant during a May 3 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Sgt. Brad Allen, he pulled over a white Ford Taurus driven by Guggisberg because he observed that Chapple was a passenger in the vehicle and had prior knowledge that there was a warrant for Chapple’s arrest. A computer check showed that Guggisberg’s license was suspended.

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