Huntingdon Police Reports

Multiple Charges

•James R. Hanna, 37, of McKenzie was charged with public intoxication, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon on Feb. 3 following a dangerous situation involving a firearm outside a medical facility in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Sgt. Brad Allen, officers responded to a call about two people fighting over a gun in the parking lot of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Carroll County. Upon arrival, officers found two men struggling inside a vehicle, and both men said they were holding onto a gun. Officer Zachery Barker went to the passenger side of the vehicle and deployed his taser gun against the passenger, who was later identified as Hanna. Allen was then able to grab the gun, a 45-caliber handgun, away from the two men, removed the magazine and cleared the chamber. The driver, identified as Joel Warrick, told officers that Hanna had grabbed the gun and threatened to shoot himself. Hannah said that Warrick had pulled the gun and threatened to shoot him. Though officers could not determine what exactly had happened, Hanna was found to be intoxicated. Hanna was arrested and transported to the Carroll County Jail.

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Theft, License Violation

•A warrant has been issued against Trey Mitchell, 28, of Huntingdon for theft under $1,000 and driving on a suspended license.

According to the report by Sgt. Brad Allen, he was dispatched to Hucks Convenience Store on Jan. 25, and the store manager told him that a man, later identified as Mitchell, had gotten $15.01 in gas but said he didn’t have the money on him to pay for it. The manager said that Mitchell gave him his driver’s license and said he would come back with the money, but Mitchell never returned to the store.

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Simple Possession

•Jimmie King Williams, 56, of Huntingdon was charged with simple possession of schedule II during a Jan. 31 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

Officer Labe Ezell reported that Williams was found to be in possession of 0.8 grams of a crystal-like substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

• • •

Drug Charges

•Jimmie King Williams, 56, and Ricky Orlando Butler, 45, both of Huntingdon, were arrested on drug charges on Jan. 19 during a warranted search of a Huntingdon residence.

According to the report by Officer Joseph Hedge, officers conducted a search warrant at 224 Clark Street, and upon arrival, officers stopped Williams in the driveway. Williams was found to be in possession of approximately 6.4 grams of a substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine and around 0.5 grams of marijuana. Inside the residence, officers found two sets of digital scales, multiple pipes, baggies, and other items of drug paraphernalia. Butler was also stopped in the driveway, and a baggie containing a substance that tested positive for meth and a meth pipe were found on the ground near Butler, who said that both items belonged to him. Both Williams and Butler were transported to the Carroll County Jail.

• • •


•Joel S. Fry, 45, and Charlotte A. Winberry, 39, both of Cedar Grove, were both charged with theft of property under $1,000 on Feb. 5 in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Officer Carlton Cupples, he was dispatched to Sonic in Huntingdon and spoke with the manager, who said that Fry and Winberry had ordered $45.81 and used a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for it. Fry and Winberry told Cupples they did not know the bill was counterfeit. Cupples asked them if they could pay for the food, and they said they could not.

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