Huntingdon Police Reports


•Carla Lawton, 45, of Huntingdon was charged with DUI (first offense) on April 21.

According to the report by Officer Labe Ezell, he responded to a call for mutual assistance on Cotton Lane and spoke with Deputy Dennis Adkins, who advised Ezell that Lawton had flagged him down wanting directions to a body shop in Huntingdon. Adkins told Ezell that Lawton appeared to be intoxicated. Lawton performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test.

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License, Registration Violations

•Skylar Davis, 24, of Munford was charged with driving on a suspended license (second offense) and unlawful removal of registration plates/decal on April 22 in Huntingdon.

Officer Angela Barker reported that she responded to Mayes Avenue after receiving a call about a reckless driver and made contact with Davis after Davis pulled into a driveway at a residence. Davis told Barker that she didn’t have a license, and a computer showed that Davis’ vehicle had not been registered in Tennessee since 2016 and the license plate had a different registration decal.

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License Violation

•Linda Ann Strange, 54, of Booneville, Mississippi was charged with driving on a suspended license, insurance law violation, and speeding by Officer Michael Verner during an April 25 traffic stop on Highway 22 South.

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Drug Possession

•Paula M. Cook, 41, and Richard B. Alsbrook, 40, both of Huntingdon, were both arrested on drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges on April 24 at a Huntingdon residence.

Officer Michael Verner reported that he went to a residence on Bridgeman Street after Cook called to report that her boyfriend (Alsbrook) would not let her in the house. While at the residence, Verner detected the odor of marijuana, and after getting permission to search the house, Verner found two bags containing a substance believed to be meth. Verner also found a small bag of marijuana and items of drug paraphernalia while searching a purse belonging to Cook.

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Drugs, License Violation

•William L. Burkett, 28, of Yuma was charged with possession of schedule VI, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license during an April 26 traffic stop on Buena Vista Road.

Officer Ethan Parham reported that officers responded to a call on April 25 about a mother and daughter sitting outside the Heritage Inn. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the mother, who said that they were from Illinois and that Burkett had taken her car and debit card and abandoned them at the hotel. A local church paid for the two to stay an additional night at the hotel. That next day, Parham observed Burkett driving the woman’s vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. A search of the vehicle yielded a baggie containing 5.7 grams of marijuana, another baggie containing 18.3 grams of marijuana, and a hypodermic needle. The car was returned to its owner.

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Simple Possession

•Sarah Emily Sturdivant, 18, of Henry and Damion Luther Byrd, 20, of Huntingdon were both cited for simple possession/casual exchange and drug paraphernalia on April 14.

Officer Joseph Hedge reported that he went to a residence on McCall Street to do a welfare check on Sturdivant after receiving a call about Byrd not allowing her to leave the apartment. Byrd was at the residence when officers arrived, but Sturdivant had left. While speaking with Byrd, officers detected the odor of marijuana, and after getting Byrd’s consent to search the residence, officers found multiple smoking devices, multiple hand-rolled cigars containing marijuana, a small amount of THC wax, and 14 bags of eatables containing marijuana. Officers determined that the items belonged to both Byrd and Sturdivant.

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