Huntingdon Police Reports

Drugs, License Violation

•Marlon Devon McClerkin, 46, of Huntingdon was arrested on drug and drug paraphernalia charges and for driving on a suspended license during a Feb. 10 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Officer Joseph Hedge, he pulled over a vehicle driven by McClerkin on Buena Vista Road because he had prior knowledge that McClerkin’s license was suspended. A computer check confirmed this. While speaking with McClerkin, Hedge detected the odor of marijuana. After getting McClerkin’s permission to search the vehicle, McClerkin pulled a baggy containing a brown rock-like substance, which has been sent off for testing, out of his pocket. A search of the vehicle yielded a bag containing nine Suboxone pills, three bags containing approximately 12 grams of methamphetamine, two bags containing approximately five grams of marijuana, multiple small baggies, rolling papers, torch lighters, and $1,142 in cash. McClerking was transported to jail, and his vehicle, cash, and cell phone were seized.

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•Beatrice King, 32, and Tyler Wilson, 28, both of Bruceton, were both cited for theft of merchandise under $1,000 on Feb. 14 at Walmart in Huntingdon.

Officer Richard Crossno reported that he responded to a call about a theft at Walmart. Walmart security personnel advised Crossno that there were two individuals in the store who had previously stolen food items on Feb. 6. Walmart security provided pictures of King and Wilson not scanning items valued at $18.93. Crossno then approached King and Wilson and took them to the security office, where they were cited. Walmart also issued a no trespass order against King and Wilson.

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