Huntingdon Police Reports

Multiple Charges

•Mark J. Rougeou, 24, of McKenzie was arrested during a Jan. 22 traffic stop in Huntingdon and has since been bound over to the Carroll County Grand Jury on charges of four counts of assault, resisting arrest, possession of a schedule VI drug, drug paraphernalia, violation of registration law, and violation of financial responsibility.

According to the report by Officer Joseph Hedge, the HPD received a call that a man was driving a red Ford Fiesta with no tag on the vehicle. Hedge observed a vehicle fitting the description traveling on East Main Street and conducted a traffic stop at Hill Court. Hedge asked the driver (later identified as Rougeou) to provide his driver’s license, and Rougeou said that he didn’t have to show his license and that the officer didn’t have a reason to pull him over. Hedge reported that Rougeou then reached for the ignition, and when Hedge tried to grab his arm, Rougeou struck the officer across the chest and shoulder. Other officers arrived at the scene to assist, but Rougeou refused to exit the vehicle and started swinging at the officers, who then tazed Rougeou twice before finally getting him out of the vehicle and restraining him. During that struggle, Rougeou allegedly struck Officer Labe Ezell in the jaw, kicked Public Safety Director Walter Smothers in the chest, and kicked Lt. Angie Barker in the knee. During a search of Rougeou’s vehicle, officers found a grinder containing a small amount of marijuana and rolling papers. Rougeou did not have vehicle registration or proof of insurance.

• • •

Drug Possession

•Chasity Ann Wyatt of Lexington was charged with possession of schedule I, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia on Jan. 10 at Walmart in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Officer Michael Verner, we went to Walmart after receiving a call about a woman hiding from a man in the restroom. Upon arrival, Verner found Officer Carlton Cupples speaking with Wyatt outside the store. Verner noted that he detected an odor he believed to be marijuana coming from Wyatt, so officers transported her to the HPD and questioned her further. A search of Wyatt’s purse revealed two meth pipes, three pink pills, one white square pill believed to be ecstasy, a white powder believed to be meth, and some marijuana residue at the bottom of the purse.

• • •

Felony Drug Possession

•Mark William Pearson, 33, of Huntingdon was charged with felony possession of marijuana, speeding, and violation of insurance law during a Jan. 24 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Officer Michael Verner, he pulled over a vehicle driven by Pearson after clocking the vehicle at 48 mph in a 35 mph zone on East Main Street. While speaking with Pearson, Verner detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car. When asked if he had any illegal drugs in the car, Pearson initially said no, but then admitted to having marijuana in the floorboard under the seat. Verner found two bags filled with marijuana while searching the vehicle. Verner was unable to show proof of insurance.

• • •


•Lucinda Ann Fendley, 45, of McKenzie was charged with theft of merchandise under $1,000 on Jan. 23 at Walmart.

According to the report by Officer Labe Ezell, he responded to a report about a female shoplifter at Walmart, and upon arrival, Ezell found that Fendley was being detained in the store security office. Fendley allegedly admitted that she had placed three items in her purse with the intention of leaving the store without paying for them. The items, valued together at $33.66, were recovered, and no restitution is due to Walmart. Ezell noted that Fendley has had six prior theft incidents at Walmart.

• • •

Drugs, Public Intoxication

•Carla Lawton, 45, of Huntingdon was charged with possession of a schedule II drug, drug paraphernalia, and public intoxication on Jan. 19 outside her residence.

According to the report by Officer Labe Ezell, he went to Lawton’s residence after receiving a call requesting a welfare check. Upon arrival, Ezell found Lawton passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle, which was still running. Ezell woke Lawton by tapping on the driver’s side window, and when Lawton exited the vehicle, Ezell noted that she was unsteady on her feet, her speech was slurred, and she could barely keep her eyes open. After getting Lawton’s consent to search the vehicle, Ezell found two meth pipes (one in her jacket pocket and one in her purse), two small baggies (one containing meth residue), two metal pipes with marijuana in them, and eight Percocet pills in her purse with no prescription.

• • •

License Violation

•Arius Rommaine Simpson, 25, was cited for driving on a revoked license (first offense) and speeding during a Jan. 12 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Officer Brad Allen, he pulled over a car driven by Simpson after clocking the vehicle at 53 mph in a 35 mph zone on Lexington Street. When asked for his license, Simpson told Allen that all he had was an ID card. A computer check showed that Simpson’s license was revoked.

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