Huntingdon Police Department Reports

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Multiple Charges

  • Charles M. Coffman, 39 of Jackson was charged with possession of marijuana, intent to sell and deliver, and violation of proof of insurance.

On September 6th, Officer Patton was at Hucks in Huntingdon when assistant manager Sissy approached him and asked him to advise a vehicle, who had been sitting there the last three and a half hours, to leave. When the officer pulled beside the vehicle, the driver rolled his window down and exclaimed “I was doing Math” and drove off. The officer confirmed with dispatch the plates were coming back to another vehicle and he initiated a traffic stop. Upon contact with the driver, identified as Charles Coffman, the officer advised him of a marijuana smell. Coffman appeared nervous, the officer asked why he was so nervous. He stated it was due to two officers being present. Officer Patton stated that he could smell marijuana. Coffman admitted that was the reason. Officers asked Coffman out of the vehicle and for identification. Coffman replied with his driver’s license was revoked. Officers searched Coffman’s person and located 2.9 grams of marijuana. This gave officers probable cause to search the vehicle, locating 10.8 grams of methamphetamines, a digital scale, and a package of Narcan.

• • •

Aggravated Assault

  • Shawn Bradley, 32 of Huntingdon was placed under arrest for domestic and aggravated assault. He was also charged with a simple possession.

On September 19th, dispatch received a call in reference to a domestic on Holmes St. in Huntingdon. Upon the officer’s arrival the couple Jillian Goble and Shawn Bradley, were still arguing at the top of the stairs. The officers separated and questioned both parties. Officer Barker spoke with Goble and noticed she was covered in her own blood from several different cuts, gashes, bruises, and abrasions all around her body and several marks around her neck. She stated they were arguing when it just all escalated from there. Goble denied medical attention. Bradley stated she attacked him, and he was just defending himself. Bradley showed the officers a video of both parties defending themselves in a disagreement. In the video it is visible to the officers, that Goble has blood coming from her nose and a visible gas above her eye bleeding as well. Bradley was placed under arrest and search at that time, officers located a small amount of marijuana, Valium, and a single us packet of Naloxone.

• • •

Multiple Charges

  • Carlos P. Yero, 53 of Miami, FL was charged with speeding, driving on suspended, possession of drug paraphernalia and intent to sell and deliver.

On September 20th, Yero was observed traveling north on Lextington St. in Huntingdon at a high rate of speed. Radar confirmed Mr. Yero was going 55 in a 35-mph zone. During a traffic stop, Mr. Yero stated his driver’s license was suspended and gave the officer release paperwork from four days prior from the McKraken County Jail. A check of his drivers license status revealed he was a wanted person out of Miami FL for failure to appear on trial for Grand Theft. During a consent search, officers located 2.94 grams of meth, a broken glass pipe, and a makeshift bong out of a Hershey’s syrup bottle and a glass pipe. He was transported to the Carroll County Jail. 

• • •


  • On September 19th, co-dependents Cody A. Bradley and Bethany Brown stole a pendant from Huntingdon Walmart valued at $17.94. Mere minutes after leaving, the two return to return the pendant at customer service. The entire incident was observed by Head security Joe Lowe via security camera. Walmart is owed restitution in the amount of $17.94.

                                                                                      • • •

Child Endangerment; Multiple Charges

  • Katie Bedford, 24 of Huntingdon was arrested by Officer Ethan Parham for child abuse and neglect, simple possession and casual exchange, and unlawful drug paraphernalia. 

On September 8th around 3:30 P.M., Officers responded to Jamison Court in response to a juvenile run away. Officers were able to locate the juvenile hiding in a neighbor’s garage. The juvenile had visible injuries on her face, near her right eye (bruising and redness). The juvenile advised the officers that her stepmother, Katie Bedford, had hit her. Officer Ethan Parham contacted Bedford at her residence, where she stated she “slapped” the child. After observing conditions of the residence, officers asked to see the other children in the residence. A four year old little boy was found asleep on a bare mattress just in the middle of the floor. Within a few feet of the child was a loaded 20-gauge Shotgun with the stock of the gun on the floor, the barrel leaning against the wall. The entire residence smelled of marijuana, Bedford gave the officers consent to search. Officers located approximately 6 grams of marijuana, smoking pipes, and smoked pieces of marijuana in a wooden box that law enforcement turned into Child Protective Services. A total of five juveniles were in the residence, which were all transported to the Huntingdon Police Department. All children were released into other guardians’ custody. 

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