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Huntingdon officers commit to No-Shave November

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Residents and people visiting Huntingdon may notice some of our police officers looking somewhat peculiar. Nine members of the department are participating in our first-ever “No-Shave November”. In order to participate each officer was required to either pay $100 either from their own funds or by sponsorship. 

The total amount of money donated was $1,100 which is being given to the local Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse in Huntingdon to provide funds earmarked for their food pantry. 

“Our goal was to raise enough money to help the food bank during the upcoming holiday season and to raise awareness with the community that the food bank exists and is a cause worthy of support,” said Public Safety Director  Walter Smothers. 

At the end of the month the employees of Cornerstone Eatery in Huntingdon will judge the officers and select the winner with the best beard with the winner receiving a free large pizza. A free combo meal is being provided to each contestant by Josh Grant at Sonic Drive-in in Huntingdon and a free shave is being donated by Darnall’s Barber Shop. Smothers said sponsors Tates Chapel, Sonic of Huntingdon, Bennett’s Hardware of McKenzie, Centennial Bank, Everett & Diana Wiler and Carroll Bank & Trust were certainly appreciated for their donations.

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