Huntingdon, McKenzie, Bruceton report revenue from liquor sales

Over the past several years, the municipalities of Huntingdon, McKenzie, and Bruceton have passed measures to legalize the sale of liquor and to collect local revenue through a wholesale liquor tax – and, as a result, businesses selling liquor wholesale have opened up in all three municipalities, including three liquor stores in Huntingdon, two in McKenzie, and two in Bruceton.

Local liquor taxes have brought in tens of thousands each year for these municipalities, which have recently disclosed revenue amounts for 2021.

Last year, the Town of Huntingdon brough in a total of $38,004.67, according to figures provided by town recorder Kim Carter.

McKenzie did a bit better, according to city recorder Jennifer Waldrup, with a total of $44,942 collected.

And, according to Bruceton town recorder Annie Hand, liquor tax revenue brought a total of $26,584.28 into that town’s coffers during 2021.

Huntingdon had its best month for liquor sales in December of last year with $8,499.40 collected, while Bruceton had the largest collections in January of 2021 at $4,560.25. Monthly totals for McKenzie were not available.

As Carter explained, the state allows municipalities to place a local tax of up to eight percent on businesses that sell liquor, and that money is received directly from the distributors.

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