Huntingdon Council plans to change time, date of meetings

Two different changes are in the works for Huntingdon Council meetings. Council members passed the first of two required passages on the two ordinances at the March 9 meeting.

Vice Mayor Nina Smothers presided at the meeting in the absence of Mayor Dale Kelley.

If both ordinances are passed at the March 23 meeting, only one meeting a month will be held and the meeting time will be scaled back one hour.

The council now meets the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:15 p.m.The new meeting date would be the fourth Tuesday in each month at 5:15 p.m.

Council member Tim Tucker cast the lone vote against the ordinance that reduced the meeting to one time a month.

“I am opposed to the change of one monthly meeting,” said Tucker. “I believe that town council members are elected to serve.”

He also questioned if the $100 compensation that council members receive each month would be decreased.

Town recorder Kim Carter said at the time she wasn’t sure. However, a check of the ordinance concerning the compensation since says that the amount will be received on a monthly basis and not by the number of meetings.

Huntingdon is the only town in the county that has two monthly board meetings

An ordinance to establish a code concerning on premises consumption of intoxicating liquors passed the first reading.

The code sets forth the following rules that are governed by the state Alcohol Board Commission.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed within city limit of Huntingdon. A privilege tax of $100 on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises will be imposed each January. Any person who has received a liquor license by the drink will qualify for a beer permit. All advertisements are to be in accordance of the state Alcoholic  Beverage Commission.

The first reading of a budget ordinance amendment that reviews and revises the various fund accounts as a proper financial management method passed. The revised amounts reflect the actual spending in these accounts.

The council approved a payment in lieu of taxes agreement of Leasehold Interest equal to $1 per year through and including Dec. 31, as included in Lease Agreement between the Industrial Development Board and Dynamic Casting Fluxes, LLC. The industry is located on State Highway 22 south.

An application for the Boyd Foundation Dog Park Dash Grant Program was approved. The program will award a $25,000 grant to eligible communities for approved expenses related to building a community dog park.

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