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Huntingdon council member Nina Smothers is new vice mayor

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Council member Nina Smothers is the Town of Huntingdon’s new vice mayor. She was selected at the Nov. 10 council member after council member Carl Byars nominated her and council member Kelly Barnett seconded the motion and moved that she be elected by acclamation.

Smothers has been on the council since 2008 and has served one other term as vice mayor.

Two zoning changes are on their way to becoming law.

The first of two required readings were passed on the ordinances calling for the changes. The ordinances will be presented at the Nov. 24 meeting for the second readings.

Ordinance No. 596 tells of a request from Kenneth and Lisa Horner of McKenzie to rezone property located at 20290, 20310, 20312, 20314 and 20322 East Main Street from B-1 (Neighborhood Business) to B-2 (General Business). A medical facility is expected to be located in a portion of the building.

Ordinance 597 seeks to rezone property, located on Taylor Avenue behind Keeton law office. Phillip Barnett made the request for the rezoning. A commercial building is expected to be built on the property.

Both zoning changes were recommended by the Planning Commission.

At the close of the meeting, Mayor Dale Kelley told council members, “We have an excellent council. By working together we will serve our community.”

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