Huntingdon Council amends landfill contract bond

In the absence of Mayor Dale Kelley who was in Baptist Hospital – Carroll County, Vice Mayor Nina Smothers presided over the eight-minute Huntingdon Town Council meeting Jan. 12.

Vice Mayor Nina Smothers

During the meeting, council members passed an amendment of the “Contract in Lieu of Performance Bond” for the financial assurance of the closure/post closure of the Huntingdon Landfill.

The original In-Lieu Performance Bond agreement was signed in 1995 as the town’s assurance in the event of a problem during the 30-year post-closure period of the Town of Huntingdon landfill site.

During that period, if there is a problem at the site, the contract obligates the town’s state shared tax revenues up to the contract amount at the time of the problem. Over the years the 1995 obligation was reduced to $73,495.68 through the annual reductions, including the current reduction of $11,146.84, the liability amount remains at $62,348.84.

During the meeting, Smothers reminded the council members that they are required by the Ethics Reform Act of 2006 to file a Statement of Interest with the Tennessee Ethics Commission by Jan. 31.

The new recently selected Carroll County Prevention Coalition Coordinator Kaitlyn Douglas introduced herself and provided an update on their compliance checks.

She said the first checks by the Prevention Coalition were to be conducted the next day (Wednesday). The operators of the liquor store would be carded to see if complying with current laws.

“We are not doing this to make Huntingdon look bad,” she said. “We will ride around town and make checks at random.”

If any business is found not in compliance, special training will be offered.

She also said that Baptist Hospital and Rhodes College have been awarded a HRSA addiction Medicine Planning Grant of $1,000,000 to address drug addiction, treatment, prevention, recovery and workforce development.

“These grant funds will be distributed in communities in part dependent on local need and community involvement,”  said Douglas.

She ask council members to fill out a 15-minute survey that will be used concerning how the money can best be used.

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