Huntingdon Cemetery tour set for Oct. 22

THE GREAT PRETENDERS – Janet and Johnny McClure will be playing the part of Virginia “Jennie” Townes Algee and Captain Walter B. Grizzard on the Huntingdon Cemetery Tour on Oct. 22.

Huntingdon’s Bicentennial Celebration will soon come to a close. There are only three more events planned. On October 22 there will be a free cemetery tour at the two cemeteries the city maintains. Limited tickets are available by calling the Dixie Box Office. However, if you cannot attend you are encouraged to take time this fall and visit both Oak Hill and Clark Cemeteries.

Oak Hill Cemetery began on the property of Edmond Grizzard as a family burial ground and was known as Grizzard Cemetery.  Established in 1822, this cemetery contains the remains of soldiers from every major American war since the establishment of the state. Among those buried here are two from the War of 1812, three from the Mexican War, and thirty-eight from the Civil War. There are also men from the Spanish American War and from World Wars I and II.

Clark Cemetery was named after John Clark. He served in the War of 1812 and after the war he moved to Huntingdon and provided the land for Clark Cemetery as a burying ground for his decendents as well as he and his wife Rebecca.  His grandson A. C. McNeill permitted others to be buried in Clark Cemetery which made it a public cemetery.

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