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Huntingdon BOE Chairman praises director, staff for good work under pressure

Dr. Lee Carter, chairman of the Huntingdon Board of Education, delivered words of praise during a brief March 19 meeting.

In particular, Carter commended Director of Schools Pat Dillahunty and her entire staff for the excellent job they have done under the considerable pressure placed on them by the coronavirus pandemic.

Huntingdon schools and all other school districts in the county closed on March 19 and are scheduled to remain closed until April 13, though the period of closure could be extended, depending on how the pandemic situation progresses.

Carter pointed out that that getting everything prepared for the school closure period, wrapping up ACT testing for high school seniors, and working out all the logistics of continuing to provide daily meals for students was no small task given the circumstances.

“I just want to say thank you to Mrs. Pat and her staff,” said Carter. “I can’t tell you how proud I am to have Pat Dillahunty as our superintendent and to know that she’s there to make the best decisions for our students. A lot of children won’t go hungry because you worked out everything to get that done.”

Carter also thanked his fellow board members for all the work they do for the school district.

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In other business:

•The board approved a request from Summer Tippitt and Jeeneen Blakeman to use the Huntingdon Primary School facility for the yearly Super Summer Science program – a four-day program during which kids come and engage in science-related activities.

•The procurement plan for the Child Nutrition Program was approved.

•A budget amendment was approved.

•The board authorized Carter and Dillahunty to decide whether or not a board meeting is needed in April.

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