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Huntingdon Bicentennial Honors Black History Month

The Family of Mather and Martha Pearson

At a young age Mr. Mather Pearson and his wife Martha moved to Huntingdon from Clarksburg to work for Dr. R. B. Wilson. Martha previously had worked for the Wilson’s as a young lady and continued to cook for them and perform other duties.  Mr. and Mrs. Pearson had 13 children. Dr. Wilson hired Mather as a janitor and Martha as a cook at Wilson Clinic. They were and still loved by the people of Huntingdon.

Mr. Pearson played the harmonica and was part of a Christian male singing group. Their daughter Frances Pearson was the first woman of color to work for the National Store, one of Huntingdon’s department stores located on the court square as a cashier. Their son Richard Pearson worked for the Huntingdon Public Works Department for 28 years, served on the Huntingdon Police Department and also served as a volunteer for the Carroll County Fire Department. Regina Pearson their youngest daughter became the first nurse in the family. She worked as a Registered Nurse for the Baptist Hospital and also Huntingdon Health and Rehabilitation Center until her tragic death. Regina was greatly loved by especially her co-workers and made a huge impact in her community and her church.

Eight of the thirteen children are still living. Richard, Earnest, Billy, Randy, Nathan, Robert, Frances and Patricia. Mr. and Mrs. Pearson left a legacy that will never be forgotten.  It can be said that this family has and continues to make a great impact on Huntingdon as well as the other cities they reside in.

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