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Huntingdon approves sewer service improvements

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J. R. Wauford & Co. will provide engineering services in the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake area for a sewer service extension, according to action taken at the Oct. 27 Huntingdon Town Council meeting.

Amendment No. 1 of the agreement with J.R. Wauford will include a new forcemain approximately 2,500 feet in length along Eskew Road.

According to the amendment, the engineer agrees to perform the necessary engineering topographical survey and prepare technical specifications, construction drawings and contract documents in a form approvable by the Tenn. Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and suitable for receiving competitive bids from general contractors for constructing this project.

“The town will pay J. R. Wauford & Co. a prorated fee of $7,500 on a monthly basis as the work progresses,” said Mayor Dale Kelley.

Concerning another sewer project, council members voted to enter into an agreement with J. R. Wauford & Co. for engineering services for sewer collection system improvements. The improvements will include the renovation of the 18-inch gravity sewer along Beaver Creek and the correction of the gravity sewer bottleneck under the railroad. 

The total amount of the project is $90,000 which will be paid from a Community Development Block grant (CDBG) and local funds.

In conjunction with the Beaver Creek sewer project, council members agreed to sign a contract with Community Development Partners through the same CDBG grant for professional administrative and grant management services.

The contract amount is for $40,500.

The cost for the work that J. R. Wauford & Co. will  provide for the Beaver Creek project will come from a $526,435 CDBG grant that has a $52,065 local match. 

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