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Huntingdon Alumni Association treats teachers as school session ends

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 On Friday April 16, the Huntingdon Alumni Association (HAA) Sunshine Carts traveled to Huntingdon Primary, Huntingdon Middle, and Huntingdon High Schools to spread a bit of sunshine to the employees.  HAA representatives rolled the carts filled with drinks and snacks down the halls to spread a bit of sunshine to the staff who have overcome many obstacles to teach the children since the onset of COVID. 

The HAA wanted them to know how much the community and HAA appreciates them and their dedication to the students and school system.  

On April 30, the HAA had a cookout for the Senior Class of 2021 at the park, and two HAA Scholarships will be awarded at graduation.  On June 11, the HAA will be selling ribeye sandwiches in front of Cash Savers.  Enjoy lunch with HAA that day.  Then in September once again the HAA Fair Booth will be open during the Carroll County Fair.  Proceeds from these events plus HAA membership dues allows the sponsorship of various activities during the year.  Anyone who is a Huntingdon High School alumnus or anyone who loves the Huntingdon School System is invited to join.  Membership dues are $10 yearly.  You are invited to join and help out.  HAA promises you work but a great time while working.  Huntingdon teachers at all three schools with HAA representatives enjoying the Sunshine Carts.  

HONORS LUNCHEON – Huntingdon Special School District Director of Schools Pat Dillahunty, newly elected HSSD Director of Schools Jonathon Kee, and newly elected Huntingdon High School Principal Porsche McClerking were honored by the Huntingdon Alumni Association with a luncheon at the Central Office. From left are Brooke Hodges, Alan Eubanks, Scott Carter, Dillahunty, Christy Cary, Angie Bunn, and Paulette Crews.The meal was prepared by Lindsey Turman.

HAA treated the Huntingdon Special School District’s Central Office staff to brunch, prepared by Lindsey Turman, to celebrate Ms. Dillahunty’s successful years as HSSD Director of Schools and her retirement, and also Mr. Jonathan Kee’s new position as HSSD director of schools, and Mr. Porsche McClerking’s new position as Huntingdon High School principal.

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