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Hundredth birthday celebration honors ‘Tootsie’ Williams

On Monday, October 21, from 1-3 p.m., family, friends and Harmony Hillers celebrated the 100th birthday of Alice (Tootsie) Williams with an open house at Harmony Hill. Tootsie, a life-long resident of Carroll County with her roots deep in the Yuma community, wore a stylish aubergine pantsuit adorned with a full-blown pale pink rose corsage. 

The birthday lady greeted her guests in the front room of Harmony Hill which was decorated in pink, peach and fall colors. A photo backdrop was created with a three-foot tall ‘100’ balloon in peach with large clusters of coordinating balloons on each side. 

Ms. Tootsie, together with daughter Alice Newton and son Billy Williams, welcomed several of their cousins, old family friends and friends from the Hill. Among her special guests were Carroll County Mayor Joseph Butler who presented her with a proclamation naming the day Ms. Alice (Tootsie) Williams Day. Huntingdon Mayor Dale Kelley also presented her with a proclamation urging his fellow citizens to celebrate with her on her special day. Clarksburg Mayor Howell Wayne Todd has been her special friend since his childhood when they first commemorated their mutual birthdays. Following a long family tradition, on the refreshment table was a special birthday cake for him as well as Tootsie. 

The main cake was chocolate covered in buttercream frosting with the phrase “Happy 100th Birthday Tootsie.” The second cake was an Italian Crème Cake, decorated with the words “Happy Birthday Howell.” Guests were also served mixed nuts, cream mints and fruit punch. The delicious cakes were made by Kate Carter.

The refreshment table, covered in a delicate lace tablecloth, was decorated with pink and white paper flowers as well as an elegant white pumpkin filled with red roses and fall flowers from Lovie’s. The proclamations from the mayors as well as birthday greetings from Governor Bill Lee and President Donald Trump were displayed on the table.

A longtime member of Huntingdon First Baptist Church, Tootsie was a Sunday School teacher and kept the nursery for many years. She also loved working with her flowers and cooking. 

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