How You Can Make Your Golf Cart Street Legal

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How You Can Make Your Golf Cart Street Legal

Golf carts, obviously, find most of their use on golf courses, but that’s not their only function. Many people find great convenience out of retrofitting their golf cart to make it street legal. This benefit allows many individuals to streamline daily tasks without having to use their car for every little thing throughout the day. Know how you can make your golf cart street legal and make your daily life that much easier.

Install a Windshield

The first thing any cart owner should do is install a windshield for greater protection. While driving along a golf course at speeds in the single digits, you may not appreciate that kind of protection. But when you take your cart on the road, you need to take precautions in case something flies into you. Whether it’s an insect or debris kicked up from another vehicle, you need to protect yourself and prevent any kind of distraction or injury.

Low-Speed Sign

There are ways to improve a cart’s engine to make it go faster, but it still won’t be enough to keep up with vehicles with 4-cylinder engines. Because of golf carts’ lower speeds, it’s essential you have a warning sign so motorists behind you can pass you safely. A bright, clear sign attached to your cart’s rear will alert oncoming motorists to slow down and pass you when it’s safe to do so.

Turn Signals and Side Mirrors

Most stock carts don’t come with these features, but they’re essential when you get onto the road. You need to alert other drivers of your intentions to turn left or right. Without these signals, drivers behind you won’t be able to react accordingly to your turns. You also need side mirrors to alert you to danger coming up behind you; they allow cart owners to see if it’s all clear to turn.

Insurance and Registration

Like a typical vehicle, you need to register your cart and have some form of insurance to protect you and others. The local government needs to know who owns the carts on the road; it helps identify motorists and keeps everyone safe. Not having these necessary documents will likely get you in trouble with the law and fined a certain amount, so make sure you have these handy whenever you drive.

Safest Ride Possible

There are plenty of fun ways to use your golf cart off the golf course, but it requires knowing how to make your golf cart street legal. This knowledge allows you to make the necessary changes to keep yourself and others safe. Whether it’s increasing your visibility or alerting other drivers, be aware of what you need to do.

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