How To Start a Career as a Professional Hairdresser

When you’re looking for a career in the beauty industry, it can be difficult to know where to start. What kind of training will you need, and how will you land that first job? This is especially true for those wanting to make a start as a professional hairstylist. Though working with hair is one of the fundamental requirements of completing cosmetology school, there’s more to do if you want to dedicate yourself to the craft. Here is how to start a career as a professional hairdresser and open doors for your future.

Enter a Cosmetology Program and Get Licensed

Though you might have a passion and raw talent for doing hair, that isn’t enough to get your foot in the door. Professional hairdressers must also have specialized cosmetology training where they learn hair-cutting techniques and how to work with different types of hair. Only with this experience and official certification from your state will you then be legally able to take on clients.

Acquire the Right Equipment

Starting a career as a professional hairdresser also requires that you have the right equipment. There are a variety of hair cutting scissors to choose from—each with its own designated uses—so as an aspiring professional, you’ll need to assemble a well-rounded tool kit. As you’re first starting out, however, you may want to begin by acquiring a few quality beginner models.

Pursue Specialized Certifications

Furthering your education in the field can also increase your success rate. Though standard cosmetology school covers everything you need to know about haircuts and basic styling, it doesn’t teach more specialized practices, such as bleaching or coloring. As such, you’ll need to seek out additional classes and certifications if you want to develop these skill sets.

Find Work or Start Your Own Business

Once you have a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in the hairdressing field, you’ll be able to begin looking for your first official position. Hairdressers are highly desirable in several industries, from spas and salons to hotels. The more time you spend diversifying your skills, the easier it will be to catch someone’s attention. On the other hand, if working for an established business doesn’t interest you, you can also take steps to open your own salon. Just keep in mind that this will require additional education on start-up business practices.

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