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How To Soundproof Your Home From External Noises

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When buying a home, it can be challenging to account for the external noises you may experience daily. But while you might not be able to gauge noise levels before buying accurately, you can take steps to mitigate the amount of noise that comes into your home. Knowing how to soundproof your home from external noises can create a more comfortable environment while raising the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

The most common culprits of letting unwanted sounds into your home are the doors and windows. Because they’re gateways to the outside, it makes sense that they’re the most vulnerable parts of the house when it comes to noise penetration. Installing weather strips on your door frame can prevent noises from entering, and upgrading your windows to double- or triple-pane models can significantly reduce noise.

Know the Material of Your Doors

Some materials are denser than others, and you need to consider this when choosing your doors. Think about the density of an external door. The hollower the door is, the more noise will come through. Thicker doors keep sounds from entering the home, so make sure you have the best doors possible.

Insulate Walls or Install Soundproofing

If your doors and windows aren’t the problems, you need to turn your attention to the walls. Walls can be thin enough to allow sounds to travel through them, but adding a layer of insulation can prevent much of that noise from entering your home.

Sound-Dampening Materials

While you can choose to insulate your walls with neoprene rubber or viscoelastic foam, companies specifically design materials to decrease noise by absorbing it. One such material, acoustic mesh, will absorb sounds effectively, but it may cost more to install than other materials.

Identify Problem Areas

Ensure that you’re going into your renovations with a clear picture of the problems, whether you’re dealing with the walls, doors, windows, or other facets of the house. Properly soundproofing your home from external noises means knowing what directions the sounds are coming from and how they’re entering inside. Knowing this information will allow you to take the necessary steps to stop it.

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