How To Prepare Your Daycare Center To Reopen After Covid-19

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in ways we’d never imagined—from lockdown to figuring out how to live with this disease and its variants, we’ve been ushered into a new world. So, thinking about what comes next is naturally overwhelming. As we prepare to live again, we need to think about reopening schools and daycare centers. Here’s a guide on how to prepare your daycare center to reopen after COVID-19.

Prioritize a Process

Before we can return to our everyday lives, we must continue preparing to live with COVID-19. Before things can reopen, rules must be made and followed. Make sure all rules and steps are prioritized and strategically planned. Planning every step out carefully can help alleviate fears and give all workers and families peace of mind.

Keep in touch with local health agencies and follow all regulations for your license and CDC guidelines. Each of these departments will have up-to-date information on everything you need to get done when reopening. Additionally, keep communicating with families and staff about your daycare facility’s reopening plan.

Strategically Think About Budgets

When analyzing finances, figure out what fees you’re going to raise and what budget cuts must be made. If you have more children coming in, think about the amount of space you have at the moment. If your center is small and only has a few rooms, consider renting additional space elsewhere and create different age groups for each classroom.

If you’re applying for additional funding but haven’t received any yet, reach out to the agencies and keep in contact of when you’ll receive them and limit how much you spend. If parents are itching to get their children back into daycare, stay in touch with each family to let them know your reopening timeline.

Get Your Staff Ready

All your staff must be ready for what comes next. Go over the procedures and enforce them with your new employees, and help them find a way to work with the process. If employees aren’t sure they’ll come back to work, send out a survey asking them to find ways to keep working virtually. Get your classroom building ready by hiring a deep cleaning service to prepare and sanitize the building.

As we continue searching for a new normal, it’s important to figure how you can prepare your daycare center to reopen after covid-19 before you head back to work again. Reopen safely, and prepare yourself, employees, and families for a new world where we work together to get through living with COVID-19.

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