How to Plan a Successful Home Renovation Project

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As exciting as renovations projects can be, they can be just as stressful. From deciding what materials you need to hiring professionals within your budget, planning out the details before you begin the process is crucial. In learning how to plan a home renovation project, you’ll be able to remain organized through the chaos and even save some money as a result.

Develop a Vision and Timeline

Knowing what projects you want to complete during your renovation will increase efficiency and help you prepare financially. Most renovations consist of a series of smaller projects that contribute to the overall construction work. For instance, remodeling a kitchen often involves replacing the appliances, re-staining the floors, and rearranging lighting fixtures. Accounting for these details in your plan will help prevent surprise purchases and allow you to think of your project as a series of phases. These phases will then make it easier for you to create a realistic timeline for the renovation and share your plans with your hired contractors.

Create a Budget

Once you know what work you want completed, you should create a project budget. Unfortunately, spending too much money during renovations is easy, and many homeowners don’t notice until the job is done. Taking note of your financial limits and how much you have to spend on each area of the project will protect your bank account and preserve your financial future. Some of the things you need to include in your budget are contractor fees, the cost of any materials needed for the job, inspection fees, and the expense of any rentals for hauling away debris.

Get Contractor Estimates

As you’re preparing for your project, be sure to research possible contractors for the job. Hiring a company with low rates might be tempting, but you should consider other factors such as experience and whether they’re licensed. Most contracting companies are willing to fully disclose these facts so long as you ask the right questions. You should also compare their answers to those of other potential companies in order to decide which company is the best for you.

Hire, Clean, and Renovate

After deciding which contractor is the best fit for your project, be sure to factor their expenses into your budget and, finally, hire them. Before they begin their work, it’s up to you to prepare your home for the construction. This often means moving pieces of furniture to other areas of the home or covering them to protect them from dust and debris. You can also take this opportunity to sort through clutter and create additional room for your renovations.

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