How To Make Your Jeep Wrangler Last Longer

Many people revere Jeep Wranglers as high-quality off-roading vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler’s customizable features, removable rooftop, and versatile suspension system make it the ideal ride for the roads less traveled, as proven by off-roading and mudding enthusiasts. Though the vehicle can conquer some gnarly territory, it faces wear and tear just like any other car. If you want to get the longest lifespan out of your Jeep, review our guide on how to make your Jeep Wrangler last longer.

Features Most Prone To Wearing Down

Most of Jeep’s vehicles are not high maintenance. Wranglers can withstand many impacts on their own, but they’re sure to last longer with attentive care from their owners. Some features are prone to weathering over time. You should provide special care and maintenance to the following components if you hope to boost your Jeep’s lifespan:


As stated, Wranglers can handle a broad range of terrains. If you take your vehicle mudding or off-roading, its tires are sure to wear at a faster rate than they would by simply commuting.

Most Jeep tires have wear bars between the tread blocks. These indicate how worn a tire is and when it’s at the end of its useful life. You should replace your tires after 40,000 miles of use. Good tread is necessary for proper and safe tire traction when driving.

Suspension System

Suspension systems help keep Wrangler wheels balanced by keeping the center of gravity in place. When suspension systems flatten out, your ride becomes more susceptible to the notorious Jeep death wobble.

Road fragments and harsh weather conditions can cause suspension systems to give out. If you notice your Jeep shaking a bit more than usual after every pothole or road bump, get an automotive assessment from your local mechanic.

Shock Absorbers

When learning how to make your Jeep last longer, understand that some features’ lifespans are more difficult to gauge than others. Shock absorbers are particularly tricky.

Get your shock absorbers checked at 40,000 to 50,000 miles, and make sure to keep up with inspections every year. The quality of your shock absorbers will inform how well your Wrangler endures impacts while on the road.

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