How To Make Science Fun for Middle Schoolers

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How To Make Science Fun for Middle Schoolers

If you can think back to your days in middle school, you might remember the hours you spent in science class waiting for the bell to ring so you could make an escape. It is no surprise that such an experience is something middle school students of the current generation can relate to. The truth is science is an incredibly fascinating subject to learn; it’s all in how you present it to students. Thankfully, there are several tricks to make science fun for middle school students.

Organize a Contest

Middle schoolers are naturally competitive and curious individuals; they may enjoy prompting their friends to drink terrifying concoctions made during lunch. You can utilize this aptitude for competition in more meaningful ways by hosting a science contest. With the excitement of winning, students will delve deep into their science projects, inevitably learning more about their subject along the way. You might consider offering tiered rewards for first, second, and third place as a way to entice them further.

Host a Show

One of the best ways to get middle schoolers into a science mood is to host a show presenting science with the most fantastical approach. Many incredible performers host science assemblies for schools that show just how fun this subject can be. A school-wide assembly is a great option if you choose to host a science show, as you don’t want to leave any students out on the eye-widening fun. Moreover, an assembly allows you to reach the greatest number of students and maybe even instill a passion for science in the most unassuming kids.

Let Them Choose

Every school has a curriculum requiring educators to teach certain subjects and topics to the students, but there is always a little wiggle room. If you want to make science fun for middle schoolers, you should consider letting them choose the lesson plan for a week. Allow them to pick from a list of topics and vote for their favorite. When your middle schoolers have a hand in deciding the topic they will learn, they automatically become more invested in the subject.

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