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How To Maintain a Country Property

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Country properties can be daunting to maintain because they’re often much larger than properties in suburban or urban areas. On top of this, you may want to raise plants or animals on rural land, which adds more considerations. Here’s how to maintain a country property if you’re unsure where to start.

Erect a Fence

Fences aren’t always necessary for regular homes, as it’s usually easy to tell where one yard ends and another begins. However, your rural property may cover many acres and it can be hard to keep track of its boundaries. Erecting a fence will help you clearly mark where your property ends so that you know where to stop when performing maintenance. It can also make it easier to ensure that your livestock doesn’t stray off too far. Be sure to periodically check your fence to look for signs of deterioration, loosening, or leaning so that you can make repairs promptly.

Obtain the Right Tools

Part of learning how to maintain a country property is realizing that you’ll need some special tools adapted to covering large plots. Your average push lawn mower just won’t cut it (no pun intended). Instead, you can invest in a tractor and a tow-behind mower to control the brush on your land. This kind of setup will make work easier, as tow-behind mowers are much wider and can trim your property much more quickly than push mowers. You could also choose a riding mower instead to obtain similar benefits. If you want to raise some crops, you’ll need a soil tiller as well.

Construct a Barn

All your heavy-duty equipment will need a place to sit in storage when you’re not using it. Otherwise, rain and other environmental factors can damage your tools. This is why you should construct a barn on your property. This will act as a bigger version of a shed or garage that can keep your equipment safe until you need to use it. As you plan your barn, make sure to think about its proximity to your home. You want it nearby so that maintenance doesn’t become unnecessarily tedious. You should also think about how you’ll house your animals, as the barn can become a shelter for them, too.

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