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How To Know You Should Call a Professional Plumber

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Asking for plumbing services isn’t a fun call to have to make. However, when it comes to choosing between hiring a plumber and destroying a part of your house, the choice should be pretty clear. Plumbing problems can cause serious headaches. So, it’s important to know the signs that indicate when it’s time to call in the pros. This can save you a lot of future grief. Here we’ll go over how to know you should call a professional plumber so you can save yourself some extra trouble.

Your Toilet Is Gurgling

Your toilet really shouldn’t make any sounds besides the noises that accompany flushing. If you start to notice a small, or not-so-small, gurgling noise bubbling up from your toilet’s drain, you need to act fast. This means that you probably have a serious clog in your piping somewhere, and only a professional plumber will be able to get it out without damaging your pipes any further.

You Have Backflow in Your Drains

A clear sign you should call a professional plumber is when your drains start to spit debris, water, and muck back up. This backflow isn’t just gross; it’s also extremely unsanitary. A drain specialist is what you’ll need to make sure that you deal with whatever is causing the backflow correctly. Trying to fix this yourself could lead to health risks and damaged pipes.

You Smell Something Off

Foul odors are common in plumbing, but they should never come up from your drains to make your house smell. If you start to smell an unpleasant stench like sewage, don’t hesitate to call in some help. That smell can actually make you sick, and it indicates that your drains aren’t working properly. Don’t try to live with this problem, have it dealt with as soon as possible.

Your Water Pressure Is Non-Existent

If you notice that the water pressure in multiple faucets or showers has gone way down recently, you may have a plumbing problem. A common cause for this is that your water main has a break in it somewhere. You won’t be able to reach whatever the problem is because it’s deep in your plumbing, so make sure you call in someone who can.

You See Mold on Your Walls

Mold growth on the walls of your house is a pretty clear sign that a pipe is either leaking or has burst somewhere inside your walls. Finding and dealing with these leaks is rather difficult without the proper tools. Mold is nothing to joke about. So, if you start to notice mold in a strange place and suspect it might be rooted in a pipe leak, call in a professional to help you out right away.

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