How To Keep Your Backyard Chickens Healthy

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How To Keep Your Backyard Chickens Healthy

Having a steady source of food is important for any household, especially when it can come from your best friends to boot. One way to guarantee a steady chain of protein-rich foods is by keeping chickens. Knowing how to keep your backyard chickens healthy protects them from disease and malnourishment, which is good for you, too!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a time-honored problem solver. It’s a nutritious water supplement that will enhance your chicken coop. By adding one-to-two servings per four liters of drinking water, the acidic qualities of the substance will modify the PH of the water. This water is safe for your chickens to drink, and prevents hazardous bacteria from growing.

Apple cider vinegar will also assist in reducing filth in the water, actively helping your chickens cope with the stress of sweltering days. Lastly, apple cider vinegar improves your chicken’s digestive system, encouraging the growth of good bacteria in their digestive tract while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

Well-Balanced Diet

Tailor the chickens’ feed based on their developmental phases. A well-balanced diet will guarantee that your chickens develop and thrive, produce plenty of eggs, and cluck the day away. Above all, your chickens should always have access to safe, fresh drinking water.

Different feed types provide the necessary protein for the bird’s growth. You should never offer layer feed to growing chickens because the calcium level that aids egg production could cause them harm. Chickens love various fruits and vegetables like apple slices, corn, grapes, and pumpkin seeds.

Clean Their Coop

Maintaining a clean coop is a surefire way to guarantee the wellness of your backyard flock. Investing a few minutes each day in collecting excrement and removing stray feathers is an excellent strategy to avoid disease.

Dirty and moist bedding is the ideal environment for the growth of hazardous disease-causing microorganisms. A few tools that make the job bearable are a hand spade for scooping, a scraper for tenacious stuck-on feces, and a metal rake and shovel for tough bedding. Some chickens are euphoric when they see fresh bedding in their home, so be sure to replace it frequently.

Give Them a Break

Free-range animals are healthier, particularly chickens, because they are born with an instinctive urge to forage and wander. They are inherently curious and seek to learn about their surroundings. Don’t forget to give your coop some recess time to enjoy themselves. It will boost their mood, making your job easier and more enjoyable.

As chicken caretakers, we aim to provide the best care possible for our feathery companions. And knowing how to keep backyard your backyard chickens healthy goes a long way in guaranteeing quality production and happy hens.

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