How to Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

Coming across a rodent is one of the worst encounters you can have in your kitchen. Rodents love to eat our food, and they can spread diseases. Learn how to keep pests out of your kitchen with the following tips.

Get a Trash Can with a Lid

The first thing you should do to prevent pests in your kitchen is to get a trash can with a lid. Old food and other garbage can be extremely attractive to pests, and a trash can with a lid will prevent rodents from getting into the garbage. Just remember to take it out when the trash can gets full.

Dispose of Old Food

Forgetting what you have in your refrigerator can be easy. That’s why you should clean out your fridge about every month or so. Dispose of any old food as soon as you can—you don’t want your refrigerator to act as a trash can. Also make sure you tightly seal packages and containers.

Eat at the Table

Many people are guilty of walking around while they eat, causing them to drop crumbs—which can attract pests—onto the floor. Make sure you sit at a table while you eat. When you’re finished, clean up after yourself as soon as possible so that the mess doesn’t build up—this gives rodents a better opportunity to score food scraps.

Vacuum Frequently

Eating at the table and cleaning right afterward are great ways to prevent rodents, but crumbs can still find their way onto the ground. Vacuuming frequently is the best option to eliminate any extra food that might attract rodents.

Don’t Leave Food Out

You don’t want to leave food out overnight—especially peanut butter, which attracts mice. Put everything away after each meal to avoid waking up to any little bite marks. Not to mention, your food can go bad if you don’t refrigerate it.

Keep Up on Dishes

You also don’t want to dispose of food in your sink. This is a common hot spot for pests such as roaches, mice, and more. Try to keep up with doing the dishes as best as you can, and make it a habit to clean your plate right after you’re finished with a meal.

Learning how to keep pests away from your kitchen can prevent any unwelcome surprises that may require a lot of work and money to eliminate.

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