How To Increase Salon Productivity

It isn’t always easy to evaluate your salon and notice areas in need of improvement, even when productivity is declining. However, there are several key areas to investigate. Is your salon organized? Do you have a system for bringing in new customers? If the answer to one or both of those questions is no, it may be the reason efficiency is declining. You’ll need to discover creative avenues on how to increase salon productivity.

Be Innovative

A salon that offers multiple services is more productive than one that only works on hair, as it attracts a broader range of customers. Begin by creating a new marketing plan on how you’ll bring in more cash. Will you begin posting videos and photos of successful color and cut jobs on social media? In doing this, new clients can discover your business and gather an idea of your skillset.

Additionally, selling products such as shampoos and conditioners in the shop aids in increasing your revenue; clients are more likely to trust a brand if their stylist suggests it. With add-on services and products, you’ll boost traffic in your shop!

Be Organized

Keep your salon organized! A messy salon is unattractive to customers and creates difficulty for employees—finding necessary equipment becomes time-consuming when things don’t have a proper place. Organize your salon by installing shelving units and by placing dividers in your drawers. Moreover, ensure available products are easy for clients to see and keep an updated inventory so you know when to reorder.

Establish a Referral Program

Consider establishing a referral program to attract new clients and retain old ones; this could reward current clients for sending someone new in and provide discounts to first-time customers. Additionally, reward your existing clients with handwritten thank-you notes to show your gratitude! This word-of-mouth marketing style comes at no cost. While you may provide discounts and other incentives, revenue will increase over time as your client base gets larger.

Take Care of Employees

The final tip on how to increase salon productivity is to ensure your employees are adequately trained and have a broad skill set. An employee that doesn’t understand their position is less likely to succeed. During the hiring process, vet candidates so you know their capabilities, and once they join the team, give explicit instruction on expectations. Consider allowing new employees to shadow a current one for mentorship; moreover, have a physical handbook laying out all rules and regulations.   

Additionally, create a rewards system to recognize employee success. In doing this, you motive your staff to put their best foot forward when they enter the salon. Rewards don’t have to be expensive; keep it simple and buy lunch for the crew after meeting group goals. A happy employee is more likely to give clients the attention they need, thus creating a productive work environment.

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