How To Increase Revenue at Your Gas Station

How To Increase Revenue at Your Gas Station

Most people don’t realize that even though gas is expensive, gas station owners don’t turn huge profits off the gas itself. Instead, they rely on sales from other goods inside the store. If you’re a gas station owner, knowing how to increase revenue at your gas station is essential to staying afloat amidst record inflation.

Advertise Clean Bathrooms

One of the major ways to increase revenue at your gas station is to entice more customers to come inside. Once they’re inside, you want to encourage them to shop around because the longer they spend, the more money they’ll spend, too.

One thing that’s sure to get more people to step inside is advertising clean bathrooms. Gas stations are notorious for having dirty restrooms, and you can quickly build customer loyalty by outperforming the competition.

Install Brighter Lighting

Bright lighting is more inviting to customers, and it makes you more visible from the road. Furthermore, if your customers are stopping by after dark, bright lighting also makes them feel safer. If you don’t feel safe at a gas station, you’re unlikely to stick around very long and shop.

Add EV Chargers

Electric vehicle chargers are a fantastic way to increase revenue at your gas station. Since people already associate your business with fueling their cars, EV chargers are a natural addition. And economically speaking, EV owners tend to be more affluent, meaning they have more money to spend at your store.

If you don’t have the funds to spend on an EV charger, consider applying to one of the many EV charging station government initiatives. These programs help businesses cover the costs so there are more charging stations available.

Install Car Maintenance Equipment

Another way to draw customers is to add machines for adding air to car tires and vacuums that people can use to clean their vehicles. Not only will you make some passive income from these machines, but they will give people one more reason to visit your business. You’ll end up with more loyal customers because they know they can come to you for all their vehicles’ needs.

Most gas station owners aren’t swimming in piles of cash. If this is you, follow our tips to help your business thrive during inflation.

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