How to Host a Fun and Unique Hawaiian Kids’ Party

Themed parties offer kids an opportunity to use their imaginations and experience something new. It’s for this very reason that the Hawaiian luau theme is so popular. As it turns out, you don’t need to live on the islands to have a fun luau experience. Learn how to host a Hawaiian kids’ party and get in on the excitement.

Decorate Colorfully

Whether it’s with bright and vivid flower arrangements or placemats decorated with tropical designs, color is one of the main components to a luau. As such, you should encompass the colorful nature of the islands in your own party. Aside from flowers, you can also incorporate the aesthetic with palm trees, tiki torches, and grass-skirt tablecloths.

Encourage Your Guests to Dress Up

When it comes to having fun the Hawaiian way, it’s only natural that you and your guests look the part. Grass skirts and leis are great ways to get the kids involved in the theme. Encouraging their parents to dress up on the invitation can also provide a new level of authenticity.

Play Hawaiian Music

Nothing screams luau quite like traditional Hawaiian music’s rhythmic beats. These upbeat tunes will inspire all your guests to dance and have a great time under the light of the torches. This creates not just a fun event, but also an authentic and exciting atmosphere. You can even make a game out of hula dancing.

Provide Tropical Food and Drink

Your Hawaiian-themed kids’ party can’t just look like the real deal, it needs to have the right tastes as well. Though your children might not have a refined enough palate for traditional Hawaiian cuisine, you can still provide them with that tropical feel by serving fruity juice drinks and various seafoods, such as shrimp or salmon. Make sure you also garnish the drinks with a tiny umbrella for an extra bit of style.

Don’t Forget About Party Games

Your party needs to be fun for those of all ages. So, make sure you incorporate a few fun luau-themed party games for kids. For extra excitement, you could even brainstorm a game or two to get the other parents involved. This will ensure that your party goes off without a hitch and that everyone has a wonderful, tropical time.

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