How To Get Your Kids Interested in Fly Fishing

How To Get Your Kids Interested in Fly Fishing

For anglers with children, introducing them to fly fishing for the first time can be a momentous occasion. You want to pass down your love of the sport, but you understand it’s not the most kid-friendly activity. We’ve put together some tips on how to get your kids interested in fly fishing. We’ll show you how to make it a smoother introduction and more fun for kids!

Keep It Simple

For your kid’s first time fly fishing, you don’t want to overwhelm them or set the bar too high. A crowded beach, packed stream, or busy lake can seem a little daunting to a child, so start in a simple pond you know is stuffed with fish.

A secluded place is also beneficial so kids can learn and fail without worrying about being embarrassed. Many areas have kid’s ponds for young anglers, so see if there’s one near your area!

Teach Them To Tie Flies

Before you take them out on the water, it’s good to teach your child how to tie their flies. Your kids will love it, especially if they enjoy arts and crafts, as it allows them to be creative and have fun, which they can associate with fishing.

Get all the equipment you can find, from fly tying beads and feathers to colorful lines, and show them how it’s done. Once they’ve finished and made their ties, they’ll be itching to try them out on the water and see how it goes!

Make It About More Than Fishing

Fly fishing isn’t just about catching trout, so make sure your kids understand that as well. It’s also about enjoying the great outdoors and spending quality time with one another.

Pack a picnic, take time to hunt for bugs, and maybe even take some time to swim after if the water and weather are right! Make fishing a total experience for the kids, and they’ll want to come back with you.

Offer Rewards

Kids are naturally competitive and enjoy games where they can earn rewards, so introduce an incentive system to fly fishing. Rewards are motivating, especially if you’re teaching multiple kids because competition between siblings and friends is inevitable in many situations.

The rewards can be as simple as a sweet treat, a break from chores, or anything else! You know your kids the best, so make the prizes something you know will make them focus on honing their fly fishing technique!

It can be challenging to get your kids interested in fly fishing at first, but we hope our tips help! With the proper introduction, fly fishing can be an excellent bonding activity for parents and kids that can last forever!

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