How To Get the Most Out of Your Warehouse Lighting

How To Get the Most Out of Your Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting has a direct impact on your employees’ safety and productivity. Their ability to accomplish their duties decreases when you only have poor lighting. Inadequate illumination might also cost you money due to increased energy usage in your warehouse. Here’s how to get the most out of your warehouse lighting!

Limit Glare

While LED lighting is the most common type of warehouse lighting, it can have a significant disadvantage. Bright LED lighting creates a spotlight impression by directing a large amount of light in one direction while avoiding reflections in other areas. If workers look directly into an LED light, they risk briefly blinding themselves. This can potentially cause mishaps, such as tripping or smashing a forklift into something or someone. To lessen glare, you should use reflectors in your lighting or choose glare-reducing bulbs when installing it.

Fit the Lighting to the Warehouse

The ceilings in most warehouses are notoriously high. Even if the installed lighting reaches the floor, it may not be sufficient. It’s not enough to have enough lighting; it’s also important to have good illumination. Although low-cost bulbs save money in the short term, they may not provide as much light on the floor as more expensive, brighter bulbs. Spend the money on decent lighting, and you won’t have to pay for the mishaps that result from poor lighting.

Choose Lighting Color Wisely

You don’t know how important color is in warehouse lighting until you make a mistake with it. The visual contrast and clarity of items in the warehouse can change depending on the color of your lights. This, in turn, affects the ease with which your employees can read labels and barcodes. They’ll be able to read in any light, but you don’t want their eyes to strain. A color that closely resembles natural light is the ideal choice for ease of reading. Keep an eye on the Color Rendering Index (CRI). The CRI of a light measures its ability to cast light in a natural hue.

Consider Energy-Saving Options

While certain energy-saving options may be more costly upfront, they’ll save you money over time. You may also check into lighting control systems that switch off lights when you’re not using them. Some of your best options are likely LEDs and can range from LED tube lights to LED flood lights!

We hope you have enjoyed our article on how to get the most out of your warehouse lighting! Although it can be hard to adequately illuminate such a large space, we guarantee that the benefits that come from providing a good amount of lighting to the warehouse will be noticeable very quickly!

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