How To Deal With Sensitive Information as an Employer

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How To Deal With Sensitive Information as an Employer

As an employer, you deal with a lot of information from your employees. Whether you manage your own business or work as a leader, there are specific ways you need to handle data provided to you by employees. Read about how to deal with sensitive information as an employer to learn what to do in certain situations.

Control Access

You can’t let everyone access important information. When managing or dealing with many people, you need to ensure that only certain members can access important or confidential information. You need to put physical files into a safety cabinet with locks, while computer files should have a firewall and passwords that you need to update regularly.

Especially when dealing with employees coming and going all the time, information is prone to not stay in one place, and that’s the last thing you want. Personal information circulating is not good for the employees who put their trust in your hands and not good for the business either.

Bins and Shredders

There is a lot of data on paper. Nowadays, even having mail delivered to your physical address could be dangerous. If anything needs to be on paper and then disposed of, make sure you have a shredder to get rid of important information. Safety bins are also a good option when a lot of paper needs secure storage.

What Not To Include in Files

When creating documents or employee files, information is available to anyone. Some documents are necessary for the record, but others aren’t. Knowing what to include in personnel files could save you time with organization and privacy while ensuring that everything is safe and easier to manage. You should include everything related to the job and past jobs but always handle personal information with care.

Employee Training

A leak is usually the result of misinformation. Therefore, you should give your employees the right training to deal with issues like these. Teaching them how you must deal with sensitive information as an employer will provide them with a clear idea of why it matters to you and why it should matter to them.

Avoid Using SSNs if Possible

Social Security Numbers carry a great amount of information for each person. Avoid using those as much as possible for protection against identity theft or fraud. If an SSN goes out, you could be responsible for the consequences. Some states even have specific rules against the use of this number. Avoid printing that number anywhere and keep it safe in the employee records.

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