How To Become a Successful Bass Fisherman

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How To Become a Successful Bass Fisherman

Perfecting the art of catching America’s favorite gamefish takes a learning curve that can be lengthy. But with passion, you can hone your bass fishing skills and reach a high level of skill. But how do you go about this? Well, here’s how to become a successful bass fisherman.

Fish With More Knowledgeable Anglers

One of the best ways to improve your bass fishing skills is to spend time with more competent fishermen than you. Experienced anglers will help you learn the fundamentals to succeed faster. For example, they can teach you where to find the bass fish, bass feeding behavior, and tricks that work for them. They can also advise you on the suitable boat, lures, rods and reels, lines, and accessories you should get.

Figure Out the Best Time

Bass are usually active when it’s cloudy, early in the morning, or late in the evening. You can catch bass on top waters in low-light conditions, as they tend to expose themselves to find prey. You’ll need to change to a bottom-bouncing lure during sunny days because bass will prefer hanging around cover.

Learn Warm- and Cold-Water Techniques

Pay attention to the changes in water temperatures when you go fishing. Largemouth bass fish are highly active in water temperatures around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. With the smallmouth bass, the sweet spot is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature drops significantly, the fish will be slow. In this case, slower lures will work best. When it comes to warm water, you’ll want to use faster, more aggressive baits.

Use Wind to Your Benefit

Many new bass anglers tend to withdraw their fishing rods and quit whenever it gets windy. But what they don’t realize is that blowing wind can be a blessing. It creates disruptions underwater, forcing fish to move closer to the water surface to feed. But make sure you use a spin rod over a fly rod if the wind is treacherous.

Remember That Patience Is a Virtue

You’ll come across several tips on becoming a successful bass fisherman, and we doubt you’ll miss advice on the patience aspect.

Once you pick a strategic fishing area, learn to hold your spot and wait for the bite. Patience always proves more rewarding than constantly moving your fishing rod all over the lake.

Returning home with a great catch of fish isn’t going to happen every time you go fishing. Therefore, always be prepared for bad days. But don’t give up and enjoy the process of fishing.

By learning how to become a successful bass fisherman, you’ll put yourself on the right path to success. So good luck out there!

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