How To Become a Certified Dog Groomer

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If you’ve always had a passion for making your pets look their best, a profession in dog grooming might be just what you’re looking for. Upon earning your certification, this field fosters an expansive network of opportunities for you to explore and hone your craft. But even so, many newcomers to this industry find themselves wondering where to begin. Here is how to become a certified dog groomer and start a successful career doing what you love.

Find a Professional Grooming Course

Like with most trade occupations, the track to becoming a professional dog groomer starts with acquiring the appropriate education. Dog grooming programs cover everything from the basic anatomy of these animals to safe fur-cutting practices. As such, they’ll allow you to familiarize yourself with the field and its overall expectations. You can take these classes in several different ways, whether it’s online or in-person, as long as you gain the proper foundational knowledge.

Obtain an Apprenticeship

The next step to becoming a certified dog groomer is to land yourself an apprenticeship with an experienced professional. It’s at this stage of the process where you obtain the bulk of your practice time using the techniques you’ve learned. Often, you’ll be able to find an instructor through the network you build through your traditional grooming course, though you may need to look a bit harder if you took those classes online.

Acquire the Tools of the Trade

It’s during your apprenticeship, as well, that you should acquire your first set of grooming tools. These tools include a variety of brushes, bathing instruments, and, of course, your cutting shears. The shears will be the most vital utensil you use, as they’ll provide you with the means to remove the largest sections of fur and shape the cut. So make sure that you conduct some research into how to choose grooming shears and familiarize yourself with how they should feel.

Apply for Your Certification

Once you’ve finished your training and have all the necessary tools for the job, it’s finally time to apply for your grooming certification. In most cases, you’ll complete your certification exams through the school you received your education from. This exam will ensure that you’ve finished all the necessary steps and exhibit an adequate amount of professional skill. You will need to pass both a written and a practical test to obtain the official certification paperwork.

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