Hopeful Inauguration Day turned out to be peaceful

By the time this is read, inauguration day will be history.

I am writing my column on Sunday afternoon before the Wednesday event.

I pray that the day has been peaceful with no acts of violence in Washington and the states’ capitals.The United States has seen enough unrest this past year with the break-in at the capitol by several hundred thugs being the latest.

It just makes me totally sick at my stomach besides tearing my heart out when this type of destruction occurs anywhere, but especially at the Capitol of our America. These people are not Patriots, for sure and certain.

On Monday, on Martin Luther King Day, I thought about how he had always advocated peaceful demonstrations and marches. That’s not the case today. It’s more like “go do whatever you want to do and whatever makes you feel good.”

As it stands today, it looks as if we are a divided nation. It will take a lot of prayer and time to heal for us to return to where we were. And the important question is: Will we ever?

We are all alike in the fact that once we grab onto a belief that it becomes so imbedded in our minds and souls, it’s difficult to let go of it – even when proven wrong.

I appreciated the fact that President Trump called for calmness and a no violence stance after the attack on the Capitol. I just wish that he had urged a peaceful march during his address before the march.

I believe that people have the right to demonstrate, but peacefully. I really wish sometime on Tuesday there would have been more speeches “asking for peace during the inauguration.”

There are 25,000 National Guardsmen in Washington with state capitals overflowing with military personnel as well.

I’m glad that all of these precaution measures were put in place. I just hope and pray they weren’t needed.

Organized militant groups have become a part of demonstrations now that make matters worse.

I wonder what all these foreign nations and especially China think of our fighting among ourselves.

I don’t even want to dare think about what could be running through their minds.

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