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Hollow Rock recorder submits resignation

Within four months after being named Hollow Rock’s town recorder, Tandi Hall has resigned her position which she was named in October. She tendered her resignation on Thursday. Sharon Mann, who was named as her assistant in November is now filling the duties of recorder.

A presentation by citizen Tommy Boaz during the Feb. 23 board meeting praised town employees for the jobs they were doing and concluded a raise would be in order for them.

Hall left abruptly following the meeting.

Boaz who spoke almost three times longer than the five minutes allotted under the town’s rules, told board members the town needs to do more long range planning and think about what can we done to keep them here for 25 years.

Mayor Rob Woods informed Boaz that employees had been given raises last year after the new  2020-2021 budget was passed.

“It is costly to replace employees,” said Boaz, who is a retired Certified Public Accountant. His wife, Peggy Boaz, served as the town recorder a number of years ago.

“A good employee is worth hanging onto,”  he said.

He added that the town needs to do everything possible to keep the experienced employees.

  “Are we treating the employees in such a way that they won’t go somewhere else?” said Boaz.

He asked to be placed on next month’s meeting agenda.

Boaz also called Water Superintendent  and Public Works Director Kenny Chandler a “superman” for the outstanding work he does.

On Monday when contacted the mayor said Hall, who had worked part-time for the town for the past five years, informed him that she was leaving Thursday at 1 p.m.

“She has been looking for a job and I know she had an interview three weeks ago,” said the mayor.

He said for now that Mann will be doing the recorder’s job.

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