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Hollow Rock Native Serves as “Workhorse of the Fleet”

A 2014 Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central High School graduate and Hollow Rock native is serving in the U.S. Navy with Assault Craft Unit TWO (ACU 2), one of the Navy’s most advanced amphibious warfare units.

 Petty Officer 2nd Class Anna Brotherton is a culinary specialist with the group operating out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    A Navy culinary specialist is responsible for food preparation and storage. 

“I like that I help the crew’s morale,” said Brotherton. “I get to take care of my crew.”

Brotherton credits success in the Navy to many of the lessons learned in her hometown of Hollow Rock. 

“My hometown taught me the importance of hard work,” said Brotherton. “Dedication pays off.”

ACU 2 is one of the components of Naval Beach Group TWO (NBG 2). 

    Commissioned in 1948, just after World War II, NBG 2 trains and equips military forces for deployment overseas. Sailors with NBG 2 serve a vital role in the Navy by ensuring that amphibious operations remain ready to defend and protect America at all times.

    ACU 2 operates landing craft, which are specialized to transport personnel and equipment from surface ships to shore. The LCU is a displacement craft capable of carrying a payload of more than 170 tons. The LCU can be used to transport weapons systems, cargo and personnel of Marine assault units. The current LCU fleet has been in naval service since the late 1960s. Gun mounts on the craft can support .50 Cal machine guns, M240 machine guns, and 40mm grenade launchers. 

    The exercises and real-world operations that ACU 2 sailors participate in include evacuation of American citizens from a hostile territory, delivery of food and medical supplies after a natural disaster, and many other tasks that involve movement from ships off-shore to the beach, according to Navy officials. 

“I like that serving at this command allows me to do more than just my job,” said Brotherton. “I’m not confined to one specialty.”

Jobs are highly specialized and keep each part of the command running smoothly, according to Navy officials. The jobs range from operating boats to maintaining engines and handling weaponry. 

“The Sailors, Chiefs, and Officers of Assault Craft Unit 2 work in conjunction with other Naval Beach Group elements to grant our Amphibious Ships heavy lift and over-the-horizon, extended-duration ship-to-shore movement with the Landing Craft Utility and Maritime Pre-positioning Force boats,” said Cmdr. Thomas Mays, commanding officer, Assault Craft Unit 2. “We are proud to do our part in the Navy-Marine Corps team to project power or provide sustained assistance as needed around the world.”

    Though there are many ways for a sailor to earn distinction in their command, community, and career, Brotherton is most proud of being promoted to petty officer second class in three years. 

“I was proud to be able to prove to myself that I was good enough,” said Brotherton. “Dedication and hard work paid off.”

    While serving in the Navy may present many challenges, Brotherton said she has found many great rewards in her service. 

“The Navy has taught me the importance of treating others the way you want to be treated,” said Brotherton. “As long as you do that you can get the mission done a lot smoother.”

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