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Hollow Rock-Bruceton school board makes recognitions; policy updates

RECOGNITIONS AND APPRECIATION – Jessica Watson, advisor for the Central Middle School Student Council, introduced members of the group who then gifted Hollow Rock-Bruceton Special School District board members in honor of National School Board Appreciation Month during the first board meeting of the new year.


MVP Regional News Writer

It was a night of accolades in Hollow Rock-Bruceton during the school district’s first board meeting of 2023 at Central High School. As the Monday, Jan. 9, meeting was held during National School Board Appreciation Month, members of the Central Middle School Student Council presented board members with gift bags that evening.

The date also marked National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and the Hollow Rock-Bruceton Special School District recognized School Resource Officer Chris Cole. Central Elementary School Beta Club members presented Cole with an appreciation gift.

School board members also recognized the Central Middle School Lady Tigers and their coach Jamie Williams, who received Coach of the Year honors.

Hollow Rock-Bruceton students have a chance at a local scholarship, created by the Doug and Anna Robertson Scholarship Trust. The $50,000 trust will award one male and one female $1,000 each year. 

Hollow Rock-Bruceton Special School District Director of Schools Dr. Myles Hebrard earned high marks during a recent evaluation by school board members. His score was 119, giving him a Level 5 status, meaning his effectiveness is significantly above expectations.

FULL SLATE OF ALDERMEN – Trezevant now has a full slate of aldermen serving on its board, something that hasn’t happened in a while, according to the town’s mayor, Bobby Blaylock. Pictured at the first city board meeting of the new year are (from left, clockwise) CIty Recorder Kathy Edwards; aldermen Leon Lyell and Don Barger; alderwoman and vice mayor Pam Joyner; Mayor Blaylock; and aldermen Dan Dieringer and Mark Argo.

Board members were asked to acknowledge the hiring of Joshua Gallimore and accept the resignation of Heather Roberts. The board also passed a resolution accepting Carroll County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, which is a guideline for handling disasters and emergencies. Hebrard explained in talking with Carroll County Emergency Management Director Janice Newman, the mitigation plan is also a wish list in the event the president declares a state of emergency. For example, if the food coolers at the school are without power for two hours, all food must be trashed. This plan would help get a generator in place or with reimbursement as the schools are included in the mitigation plan for the first time. 

Three policy updates were approved by the board. The first policy reflects a payroll change from last year and the policy will align with the change from a monthly pay period to twice a month. It also stipulates there will be no advance payments of salaries and will show if a staff member resigns, the individual must return all equipment before receiving final pay.

The second approved policy allows students to visit post-secondary institutions during the school year and students with a note will have an excused absence.

The final policy clarifies the difference between student employees and student volunteers.

Dr. Herbrard announced system representatives are meeting with people to move the system to digital pay stubs. He said it is time-intensive for staff members to print, fold, staple and deliver pay stubs every pay period and digital stubs will cut down on time and money. Once the digital system is in place, staff members will have access to a handful of pre-loaded past pay stubs. In regards to pay, Hebrard said a meeting with supervisors will clarify what vacation and overtime pay looks like for hourly employees.

The schools director reported a successful Christmas on the Hill event at Central.

“When we go big, we go really big,” Hebrard said. He added the system is working with organizations to ensure school supplies for all students will be available before the beginning of the next school year. Announcements are forthcoming.

Dr. Hebrard reminded board members of the Strategic Plan goals for the system over the next few years. Key highlights were:

  • Working to make Hollow Rock-Bruceton schools the choice for Carroll County families;
  • Encouraging dual-enrollment courses and pathways to further education such as tech schools, college and military careers; and
  • Encouraging educator excellence. Recently, the system used staff members to lead professional development courses.

Herbrard announced an enrollment of 674 students after the holiday break, with 33 of those enrolled in pre-K.

After the meeting, Herbrard shared the system has a principal opening after the previous principal went to the Carroll County Career Tech Center. The open position is being advertised on the school system’s social media, website and in this newspaper. View the Help Wanted section for additional information.

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