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Holland mother, daughter huddled together in bed

 “We are blessed beyond measure.” These were the words of Amanda Holland after the March 2 tornado swept through the three bedroom two bath residence at 565 Chapel Hill Road off Browning Highway where her and her mother, Andora Holland, reside.

Just scant walls were left of the brick and vinyl siding house. Debris was strewn over the lot and in woods across the road. Huge trees were also uprooted in the yard. A piano sat among other scattered remains. Kitchen cabinets were laying on top of other items. They are staying with relatives.

Both mother and daughter were in bed in separate bedrooms when the tornado struck after 11 p.m.

Amanda said her mother came into her room when the tornado began to bear down upon them. 

“It took the roof off and I pulled her on the bed with me and we huddled together,” she said. The sheets were sucked off the bed, but the two remained unharmed.

Their two vehicles were both totaled. Keys to the vehicles that were in the house were temporarily lost, but eventually found. Andora’s engagement ring was found, but not her wedding band. They did find the wedding album from Andora’s marriage to her late husband, evangelist Kevin Holland. 

Neighbors and relatives were already gathering up salvageable items Tuesday morning and the insurance adjuster was already on the scene.

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