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HMS Academic Banquet honors high achievers

Nina Smothers, DPh, MBA, Senior Leader, who served as master of ceremonies, welcomed the students telling them that Baptist Carroll County is honoring them for exceptional academic achievement for making the honor roll three of three report card periods.

Eighth grade Principal’s Honor Roll student Keller Smith said the opening prayer followed by the introduction of speaker Michael Cupples by Smothers. Cupples works at Baptist Carroll County as an Intermediate Clinical Application Analyst – Registered Nurse.

He spoke to the students concerning telemedicine which is now used at Baptist Carroll County.

In 1925, a German doctor began developing the technology that came from NASA.

“We can’t live without the Internet today,” he said.

In 2015 huge advances began to be made in telemedicine. A doctor in Memphis provides support to the local Baptist staff.

A local doctor at Baptist can talk to a doctor in Memphis and see that person on a monitor.

“Telemedicine is very beneficial as it allows the service of a specialist and gives the patient the best of care without high cost,” said Cupples. “It keeps cost down and keeps from delaying care.”

The Huntingdon hospital is a pilot site for cardiology. At other Baptist Hospitals, infectious diseases and kidney situations are a part of their telemedicine.

In closing, he urged students to continue to keep their grades up as they further their education.

Smothers talked to the students about careers that are available in the medical field with shadowing available at the local hospital.

Middle School principal Scott Carter and guidance counselor Amy Fuller handed out certificates to each student.

The eighth grade Principal’s Honor Roll students with grades 93-100 were Lia Fuller, Ty Kelley, Jenne Magee, Tatum Nolen, Sadie Shands, Keller Smith, Lexie Stevens, Turner Grace Thompson and Sydney Vinson.

The Honor Roll students with grades 85-92 were Aubrey Abbott, Leah Atkins, Isaiah Austin, Caleb Balentine, Chaisee Bell, Alisha Bernal, Kyleigh Carter, Luke Cooper, Matthew Davis, Jacob Dickson, Sydney Donald, Jocelyn Gargus, Olivia Harvey, Jason Hicks, Colton King, Hannah King, Ethan Lewis, Jack Mayfield, Ashlyn Miller, Hannah Moody, Myah Mota, Lydia O’Bryant, Sky Perez, Jaylyn Primm, Laney Rhodes, Seth Ricketts, Riley Rogers and Chloe Thrasher.

The seventh grade Principal’s Honor Roll students with grades 93-100 were Austin Byrd, Kelby Crossno, Lilly Kee and Josie Sanders.

The Honor Roll students in the seventh grade with grades 85-92 were Graham Bartholomew, Ella Beamon, Jaxx Bennett, Ava Ryan Canovan, Maddox Clark, Braden Douglas, Makayla Douglas, Jani Harris, Jacob Hicks, Ashton Hutcherson, Sarabeeth Fortner, Ayden Furst, Madison Mann, Eli Mota, LG Parish, Pari Patel, Kaleb Pearson, Kayla Price, Avery Reindl, Ashlyn Rich, Natalie Rogers, Pate Tippitt, Kaida Walton and Lexi White.

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