High speed chase leads to arrest of convicted felon

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A high speed chase about 2 a.m. Saturday morning led to the arrest of Michael J. Gukeisen, 33, of Huntingdon.

In his report, Milan Patrolman Brian Bennett said he noticed a black passenger vehicle parked half in a driveway.  As Officer Bennett approached the vehicle, it sped away but not before he read the license number. The report by Milan Patrolman Brian Bennett says that Gukeisen drove all over both lanes of Van Hook Street and sped through the stop light at the busy intersection of South First Street while the light was red.  Officers pursued Gukeisen through Atwood until it turned onto Highway 220, where they called off the chase for the good of public safety on the narrow, curvy road.

Officers went back to the home on Anderson Street where the chase started and met Tommy Rhea leaving the residence.  After being Mirandized, Rhea told officers that Gukeisen had come to his house to sell him a shotgun.  Rhea called Gukeisen on his cell while officers listened on speaker phone.  During the conversation, Gukeisen said he fled from police because he was a convicted felon and had two guns in the car.

Further investigation revealed that Gukeisen was a felon out of Florida and felony drug charges in Gibson County including the Drug Task Force.

Later Saturday morning, authorities with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department located Gukeisen and took him into custody.

Gukeisen was charged with possession of a deadly weapon to go armed, evading arrest, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, driving without a license, speeding, running stop signs and traffic control signals.  

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