HHS seniors honored Thursday night

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Senior Night was held prior to the Huntingdon–Middleton football game Thursday night.

Seniors members of the football team, cheerleaders, AB Club, band, and cross country team were introduced, along with their escorts.

They included: Hunter Ensley, football four years; Brandon Lawton, football four years; Konner Pearson, football four years; Bo McLemore, football four years; Devin McClerkin, football four years; Noah Belew, football four years; Quinton Williams, football three years; Brett Huss, football four years;

 Dylan Armour, football four years; Sebastian Kee, football four years; Reed Jones, football four years; Daniel Sullenger, football four years; Drake Butler, football four years; Nathan Cran-Lowe, football two years; Jaylen Williams, football four years; Cole Edwards, football four years; Austin Baker, football four years;

Anna-Claire Campbell, football manager one year, AB Club three years; Jordan Davis, football manager four years, AB Club one year; Diamond King, football manager three years; Knoa Thompson, football manager four years; Tim Walls, football manager one year, baseball and basketball manager two years;

Abby Ballard, cheer and AB Club four years; Katie Coleman, Cheer three years and AB Club two years; Kensley Crossno, Cheer two years and AB Club four years; Katie Simpson, cheer and AB Club four years;

Ryan Brooks, band seven years; Zachary Childress, band seven years; Coleman Dickson, band seven years; Lani Hartley, band three years; Lacey Prater, band seven years; Reanna Simmons, band seven years; Tizzy Smith, band seven years; Emily Taylor, band six years; William Townsend, band seven years; Lexie Williams, band seven years; Zean Williams, band seven years;

Kaci Fuller, AB Club one year and cross country one year; Caroline Moore, AB Club president three years; Hannah Reeves, AB Club one year and band six years; Abby Stokes, AB Club Vice President and member four years; Adyn Swenson, AB Club four years and cross country one year;

Nikolas Bynum, cross country four years; Skylen Holder, cross country two years; Jamal Nesbit, cross country four years; Tyasia Reed, cross country one year; Haley Robbins, cross country four years; Ben Taylor, cross country one year, golf and football two years; Zack Williams, cross country four years; and Merritt Willis, cross country three years.

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