HHS Class of 2020 to host Great Pretenders

Get ready to rock and bring the house down with laughter as Huntingdon High School’s Class of 2020 presents The Great Pretenders in two big shows this Saturday. There will be a 2 p.m. matinee and a 7 p.m. show.

Never before has the show been this early in the year nor have there been two shows on a Saturday. 

Seniors have tickets for sale that are going at $8 each. At the door the cost will be $10. There will be plenty of concessions that can be enjoyed at intermission.

The audience will get to see the “Mississippi Squirrel” song by Ray Stevens and acted out by Cole Edwards as Ray Stevens, as well as Brett Huss, Konnor Pearson, Noah Belew, Jace Lowe, Austin Baker, Adyn Swenson, Katie Simpson, Abby Stokes, Angel Crocker, Emily Taylor, Ashley Baker, and many parents as the members of the congregation. It will be great fun to watch as the squirrel goes throughout the church wrecking havoc.

From the movie “Pitch Perfect,” The Treblemakers including Adyn Swenson, Abby Ballard, Abby Stokes, Angel Crocker, Caroline Moore, Jordan Cole, Kaci Fuller, Katie Coleman, Katie Simpson, and Kensley Crossno, and they will be doing their part to bring about laughter.

“Tik Tok Mash-Up” dance will feature Anna Campbell, Ashlyn Neely, Caroline Moore, Jazmine Hilliard, Jordan Davis, Kailey Freeman, Kelsey Lee, and Sara Kirksey.

The Frebreze Brothers are making a come back with original members Ben Taylor, Nik Bynum, and Brandon Lawton reuniting with a few extra members. They are as fresh as ever with more moves and entertainment for all ages.

Jobina Gordan and several old school mamas have a dance-off with the seniors in old vs new.

The 2019 football boys will be doing their routine dance that will bring the house down.

So be there so you won’t miss any of the fun.

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